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NOW Bindings

Iconic Canadian Pro Snowboarder JF Pelchat had devised and patented one of the most ingenious new technologies the sport had seen in decades. Understanding the inspiration of the technology and believing in its benefits was a key driving force behind the final aesthetic and one that TDA was hungry to express. Through multiple design iterations we settled on a strong industrial, language that highlighted the unique technical elements while evoking the sense of strength and durability people gravitate to when choosing a binding. During the development process we designed several more patented features, adding comfort and performance to enrich the original technology.

When the company was launched at its first industry trade show (SIA Denver, 2012) it was the most talked about new company and product in the industry. A week later in Munich, at trade-show stop #2 that season, we accepted ISPO’s overall top prize for product design. 5 years later and counting, every magazine in the sport has featured and praised the binding as it has become the binding of choice for not just the sponsored team members but a growing community of ex-pros and industry insiders.

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