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adj – collected together from different sources and considered as a whole.  n – a total or whole made up of different parts from often disparate sources.  v – to come together, or bring different things together, into a total, mass, or whole.

Based in the heart of Canada’s Coastal Mountain range in Squamish BC, we operate at the intersection of street-inspired urban culture and the experiential core of West Coast mountain life.

We are storytellers; communicating through award-winning product design, brand strategies, and all forms of consumer/brand interaction. The Design Aggregate unites talent and ideas, cultivating a dynamic relationship between disciplines that results in a greater whole than the sum of its parts.

Our product design evolves from experienced-based ideation, onto industrial design and managed development all the way through to complete commercialization.

From there consumer activity is driven through a unique and intimate vantage point that generates content production, graphics, websites, print media, social media, packaging, trade-show booth and retail environments.

The Design Aggregate develops brand experiences into physical and visual form.

We look forward to working with you. 

Principal & Creative Director / Alex Warburton

Partner & Account Director / Shan Warburton


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