Any effective project strategy needs to come from knowledge and experience. Whether it’s prioritizing technical features or pricing on a product, sourcing factories, planning distribution or launching a new campaign. We’ve been in the game long enough to know not just how to do it, but more importantly how not to do it.



Branding is a delicate balance between telling your story through a visual experience while inviting the consumer to make your brand part of their story. Good branding inspires, encourages discovery, and says a whole lot with very little.



Beyond the ads, Social Media campaigns and knowledgeable sales staff, a product is left alone to prove it’s self to the user. TDA designs better product because we are some of your toughest users. With over 20 years of experience taking ideas from the field to the factories to the shop floor, we’re as invested as you are in turning every customer into a brand loyalist.



Early on, we began telling stories and creating experiences about the products we designed during sales meetings, demos and tradeshows. This trustworthy voice quickly spilled over into writing copy for the catalogues we were creating, edits we were storyboarding and campaigns we directed. It’s easy to tell a compelling story in any medium when your living the part. And that authenticity is what we are all drawn to.