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RIPCURL Mountainwear

We’ve been die-hard fans of Rip Curl since legendary surfer Tom Curren launched the original “Search” campaign in the 80’s. To apply our deep understanding of the brand with the knowledge of what’s needed in both our environment and market was a great opportunity. 

We were tasked with bringing in a North American design perspective into the Rip Curl product line. We did that by focusing the designs in response to our unique environment. We live in a world of extremes. From the top of Peak in Whistler down to Creekside, you’re going through so many varied snow conditions, weather conditions, light conditions, temperature, humidity conditions - everything. And this functionality goal isn’t solely material choice - it’s about cut, and how the garment performs and moves over your body throughout your day.


The Search Series is now a more streamlined and minimalist outline. Our focus was on quality of details: more hidden seams, cleaner lines, colour palette, its aesthetic and resulting silhouette. All those things kind of take a different shape in our environment, and we respond to that differently.

We've had the pleasure with collaborating with the global design team for over 3 seasons and excited to see where the brand goes based on those season successes. 

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