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Located halfway between Vancouver, BC and the mountain mecca of Whistler, Squamish is surrounded by an environment of extremes. Our fast-growing town has drawn an active, educated population to its shores in search of world-class adventures. And for over 15 years we have called this place home for the same reason. 


We are a diverse group of creatives with over 30 years of experience developing award-winning product design, brand strategies, and all forms of consumer/brand interaction that impact an international audience. Being so immersed within the environments and cultures our products are designed for is what makes our work more relevant, authentic and valuable to our clients.

It is in our own backyard where your product and your message gets tested to its limits.


Our process is adaptive to the unique variables that come with each client, and their business objectives.

Product design evolves collaboratively by leveraging our partners’ deep knowledge of their own goals, and our experienced-based perspectives. This guides the project’s industrial design and development, through to complete market optimization and commercialization. 

Branding has always been an inseparable extension of product design. It is a purposeful narrative, curated to reach not just potential customers, but to draw in the early adopters and respected influencers that will validate your mission and spread the word.


This is the ROI that comes from good design.


So give drop us a line and tell us your story.


Principal & Creative Director / Alex Warburton

Partner & Account Director / Shân Warburton


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