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adidas Snowboarding

Take adidas' legendary reputation for performance footwear and iconic styling and apply it to the snow for the first time. The Design Aggregate teamed up with Vapor Studio to lend its snow-cred and decades long management experience to develop and commercialize the adidas design. Fit, functionality, performance, durability and timely production of the product were the deliverables. 


Through, multiple charrettes with the in-house designers at adidas, the working guts of line were crafted and refined. A new last was step one and represented the single most critical step towards achieving overall fit and performance for every model. Endless hours between TDA, the team in Portland and our MFG partners in China produced the solid foundation of a line that will continue for many seasons. Fit and on-hill testing helped refine materials and patterns for both liners and uppers while adding further rider validation to the program. Professional adidas-sponsored athletes and weekend warriors alike, contributed to our refinement of key fit and performance elements throughout the development phases.

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